Before I am close enough to meet you, from across the street, you have already told me about yourself- your gender, age, social and professional status. You have disclosed vital information about your work, personality, style, tastes, sexual orientation and the mood you are currently in. Before we even start talking, we have already communicated through your "IMAGE".


Every person’s image needs an upgrade from time to time. We are constantly changing in our lives and our image should change accordingly. Do you feel it is time for an upgrade, but are wondering how to proceed?


As an image consultant, I will guide you in presenting yourself to your best advantage and in expressing your highest potential. Whether you are an individual or a business, whether you are in an office or work from home, an image consultant can coach you on three key areas of visual impact:


  • Physical appearance

  • Behavior

  • Communication


My name is Rumyana Velichkova and I have worked as a professional image consultant for the past 8 years. In 2010, I graduated from The Style Core Institute in the USA, where I was fortunate to learn about color and style from Carla Mathis. She is a published author, world-renowned lecturer, and president/co-founder of The Style Core (formerly Body Beautiful) master image consultant. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience.


The wide variety of techniques I learned in the program range from- wearing different colors and new styles, objectively going through closets and removing clothing that is no longer working, shopping for new wardrobes and putting together incredible outfits. These techniques are only a small part of my repertoire when I am improving my clients’ personal image, presentation and branding.


I am also a part of the team - СМ Consulting . It is the first Bulgarian company offering training, workshops and consulting in areas of business etiquette, international protocol, presentation skills and corporate image.


In today’s day and age, more and more companies employ women in leadership positions. Now is our time to build a confident, personal, and permanent brand of leadership to be honored, heard and promoted.


Every woman has a bright identity, which is the key to success. In the process of personal branding, I am here to help you find your best strengths so you can get the most out of them.


See what I can do for you here.

 Румяна Величкова, Имидж консултант

Rumyana Velichkova talks about personal image and style

Take a look at some of the media appearances and tips for image and style by Rumyana Velichkova in the video gallery:

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