“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”


Oscar Wild

Rumyana Velichkova,

Image Consultant

Before I am close enough to meet you, from across the street, you have already told me about yourself- your gender, age, social and professional status. You have disclosed vital information about your work, personality, style, tastes, sexual orientation and the mood you are currently in. Before we even start talking, we have already communicated through your "IMAGE".


Every person’s image needs an upgrade from time to time. We are constantly changing in our lives and our image should change accordingly. Do you feel it is time for an upgrade, but are wondering how to proceed?


As an image consultant, I will guide you in presenting yourself to your best advantage and in expressing your highest potential. Whether you are an individual or a business, whether you are in an office or work from home, an image consultant can coach you on three key areas of visual impact...

Румяна Величкова , Имидж консултант

Are you looking for the perfect style that will make you feel more confident and successful?

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Personal branding events specially organized on various practical topics. Want to join?

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Colors are the magic components of our image. Discover the colors that can make your image immaculate. 

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About the impact of Rumyana Velichkova's professional help:

Vili S., Plovdiv

I'm happy to have met her. Rumi gave me a different look at myself. She showed me that I can recreate my own image in a way that I like. I see the change in the attitude towards me and the way others look at me. Working with Rumi made me think and get involved. She gave me an incentive to try and control myself. And last but not least - protected me from chaotic and mindless purchases.

Diana Efremova, Sofia

When you see Rumyana walking into the room, you can instantly notice her style and confidence. The ease with which she communicates makes you want to spill your beans. Rumyana turns your eyes on you and makes you like ... and love yourself. She helps you show your best features through clothes, makeup, style ... And all that makes you feel and look unique...

Danny A., Sofia

The professional image consultation, delivered with care and attention by Rumi Velichkova is an experience that every woman deserves! Lovely attitude and attention to detail, as well as recommendations tailored to individual preferences, tastes and goals make the consultation not only useful but also easy to apply. Personally, Rumi's professional guidance helped me understand what I want to communicate through my clothing and appearance, gave me easy solutions for wardrobe management, optimal use of makeup, and gave me a new perspective as to how to minimize my efforts to achieve maximum results in caring for myself. Rummy does not impose ready solutions, she uses her knowledge of colors, combinations, fashion trends and makeup to help her clients reach optimal solutions for their figure, age, occupation.

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