51% of women said that a lack of confidence was limiting their career progression

60% of women have clothes they have not worn since purchase

94% of Australian women said their self-confidence increased when they look good


Individual consultations

The image consultations will help you build and improve your image. The consultations aim to change positively the way in which your environment perceives you, to restore your confidence and self-esteem. Style is not about beauty, age, size, wealth or even fashion, it is about knowing and respecting yourself for who you are projecting your unique style in a consistent and confident manner.

• How to feel more confident

• What is your perfect hair style

• How to combine colors, fabrics, and trends

• Which are the accessories, jewelery, and makeup that highlight you

• What you should never wear

• Wardrobe detox

• How to choose new clothes and accessories fast and stress-free

• And most importantly ... what stops you from being yourself?


Consultations take place at a time convenient for you. The length of meetings depends on the individual needs of the particular client. The cost of the personal consultation is determined by the topics to be included.

Find out more about personal advice by contacting Rumyana Velichkova.


Group consultations/ workshops can be team buildings, corporate events, spa/shopping weekends you name it.  The workshops take place on a predefined topic and are organized one month ahead. Some of the topics are - Make-up Glam, Color, and Silhouette, Camouflage techniques for every woman.


Dates for the workshops are announced in advance on the Facebook page. You can suggest a topic you are interested in, by emailing r.velichkova@cmconsulting.bg.


The cost of participating varies according to the subject and the duration and requires a pre-enrollment.


Colors are the magic components of our image. When we dress in the right colors, our skin shines, our eyes shine, and we seem to look younger and more beautiful.

Wearing inappropriate colors, on the other hand, makes us look tired and exhausted, shadows under our eyes seem to appear or even a double chin.

Contact Rumyana Velichkova for your personal color analysis here.


Are you going to an event important to you and are you wondering how to look both stylish and in-place at the same time?

Are you wondering if your dream wedding or prom dress is best for you?

What does a dress code mean and what does it mean to respect the hosts with our appearance?

Contact Rumyana Velichkova to find out the answers to these and many more questions and take care of your special image.




Social media are part of our lives today, whether we like it or not.

They are our business cards, but with a picture, so what do you present with your photo in LinkedIn for example?


Contact Rumyana Velichkova for the concept of your winning professional vision.


Within 2 hours you can learn the little secrets of Rumyana Velichkova’s world. Topics that were presented so far are “Image and Style”,  "Detox of the Body and Wardrobe", "Color Psychology".


Dates for these events are announced in advance on the Facebook page.


The cost of participating varies according to the subject and the duration and requires a pre-enrollment.



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